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Friday , 31 July 2015
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Maintained by Sudhir Mangla. Let me first introduce myself….

I am a B.E in Information Technology form Lingaya’s Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad, India.

Programming is my passion. I have expertises in  VC++ , C# , ASp.net, ASP.net MVC, SharePoint. Currently working as Team leader in a Software company.

I will we happy to get some programming work that will help me earn some extra bucks.

For any work related assignment or Consultancy you can contact me at admin@programmerworld.net .

My site is updated sometime on daily basis or weekly basis depending upon the time I get. So keep visiting my site for new stuff. If u has some interesting suggestions in this regard or about how to improve my site, give me your feedback.
Thanks for visiting my site

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