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Amazon Discount Finder Google Chrome Extention | Silverlight tips
Tuesday , 4 August 2015
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Amazon Discount Finder

Install Chrome Extension from Here

Amazon is really the best online shopping site. But problem is Amazon is really huge. Amazon offers tons of deals, rebates, and coupons but weaving through the endless pages is not easy.

Amazon often offers 90% and better reductions, yet it directs people to other areas, sending them to higher profit margin products instead.

So to solve this issue we have created this small Google Chrome Extension  Amazon Discount Finder that will help you search all deals hidden inside amazon.

Install Chrome Extension from Here

How to Use

  1. Click on Amazon Discount Finder  icon in Google Chrome
  2. Just enter you keyword and browse for great deals selecting categories and discount options available. (Check Screen shot below)


Tips :

  1. Keywords actually not needed if you want to browse all available stuff in selected category.
  2. When searching for deal, don’t just look at the first page of bargains, try a few. And don’t assume just because it’s discounted it’s a good buy. Try higher percentage discounts for cheaper, smaller items and lower percentages for nice , expensive ones.
  3. Not all items have free delivery, so just tick the tool’s ‘Only show free delivery” box and do the search. Only items with free delivery will show, and Marketplace sellers, where delivery usually isn’t free, should be excluded from the search.

Features :

  1. Provide Advance search options for Amazon.
  2. Support for 5 countries  US, UK, Germany, France and  Canada.
  3. Search based on Discount range : You will be able to search all product having discount from 10% to 90%.
  4. Short Search Resultsbased on:
    • Bestselling
    • Relevance
    • Price:Low to High
    • Price:High to Low
    • Alphabetical:A to Z
    • Alphabetical:Z to A
    • Average Customer Review
    • Featured Items.
  5. Price range : user can enter prices range for which he want to see results
  6. Free Shipping : Filter Search result for items which as Free Shipping.

Install Chrome Extension from Here

DISCLAIMERS: Amazon™ and Amazon™ logos are trademarks of Amazon.com; Google Chrome™ and Google™ logos are trademarks of Google Inc.

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