Q.) Write code to remove duplicates from an unsorted linked list

Ans) If we can use a buffer, we can keep track of elements in a hashtable and remove any dups:

public static void deleteDups(LinkedListNode n) {
  Hashtable table = new Hashtable();
  LinkedListNode previous = null;
  while (n != null) {
    if (table.containsKey(n.data)) previous.next = n.next;
    else {
      table.put(n.data, true);
      previous = n;
     n = n.next;

Without a buffer, we can iterate with two pointers: “current” does a normal iteration, while

“runner”  iterates  through  all  prior  nodes  to  check  for  dups     Runner  will  only  see  one  dup

per node, because if there were multiple duplicates they would have been removed already

public static void deleteDups2(LinkedListNode head) {
  if (head == null) return;
  LinkedListNode previous = head;
  LinkedListNode current = previous.next;
  while (current != null) {
    LinkedListNode runner = head;
    while (runner != current) { // Check for earlier dups
      if (runner.data == current.data) {
        LinkedListNode tmp = current.next; // remove current
         previous.next = tmp; 
         current = tmp; // update current to next node
         break; // all other dups have already been removed
       runner = runner.next;
     if (runner == current) { // current not updated - update now
       previous = current;
       current = current.next;

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