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Technical Interview Questions | Silverlight tips
Thursday , 30 July 2015
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How to Prepare for Technical Interview Questions

You’ve purchased this book, so you’ve already gone a long way towards good preparation 
Nice work!

That said, there are better and worse ways to prepare   Many candidates just read through
problems  and  solutions     Don’t  do  that!    Memorizing  or  trying  to  learn  specific  questions
won’t help you!  Rather, do this:

  • Try to solve the problem on your own   I mean, really try to solve it   Many questions
    are designed to be tough – that’s ok!  When you’re solving a problem, make sure to
    think about the space and time efficiency   Ask yourself if you could improve the time
    efficiency by reducing the space efficiency, or vice versa
  • Write the code for the algorithm on paper   You’ve been coding all your life on a computer, and you’ve gotten used to the many nice things about it But, in your interview, you won’t have the luxury of syntax highlighting, code completion, or compiling Mimic this situation by coding on paper .
  • Type your paper code as-is into a computer   You’ll probably have made a bunch of mistakes   Start a list of all the mistakes you made, so that you can keep these in mind in the real interview .
  • Do a mock interview   CareerCup offers a mock interview service, or you can grab a friend to ask you questions   Though your friend may not be an expert interviewer, he or she may still be able to walk you through a coding or algorithm question .